Gardening tips for February

As we had such a good summer and autumn things grew like crazy but you may not have managed to get out much so there is quite a lot to do before your garden starts springing to life for a new season! Why not get a head start while things are still quiet?

Garden maintenance:

  • If you haven’t already cut back last years growth from herbaceous or annual pIMAG1003lants now is the time as things are already starting to emerge with fresh growth and you also want to clear your borders to allow spring bulbs to shine through
  • Prune  roses to remove dead, improve shape and flowering in the summer
  • Mulch your borders with the contents of your compost heap or purchase compost in bulk from Brighton Community Compost Center. This will improve your soil structure and help feed your garden this summer
  • Now is a good time to plant new shrubs or roses if you are not very good at watering in the summer as they will have a chance to settle in before the dry weather
  • Pressure washing paths and decking to remove moss and algae

Fruit and veg growing:

  • Last chance to prune your apple and pear trees



  • Cut back autumn fruiting raspberries
  • Prune red and white currents
  • A great time to plant fruit trees and bushes
  • Dig over and spread compost on all your veg beds
  • Apply a granular fertilizer around the base of fruit trees and bushes
  • Chit your potatoes ready for planting in March
  • Early sowing of salad crops in the green house or poly tunnels
  • Plant garlic in seed trays and keep under glass until warm enough to plant out in March

Plants that stand out in the garden this month:

Daphne with amazing sweet scent