Gardening tips for May

With showers and sunny spells things are growing lush and green especially the weeds!

Garden Maintenance:

  • Applications of weed and feed granules for your lawn on a dry day and try to stay off it till it has rained in.
  • Turfing and seeding of lawns but keep well watered during dry spells.
  • Watering pots and containers when needed, and include a liquid feed every couple of weeks.
  • If you want some showy, colourful displays in your garden this year it’s time to start planting up pots or hanging baskets with seasonal bedding planting like trailing geraniums, fuchsias or begonias.
  • Hedge cutting to keep hedges neat and tidy.
  • Spraying of hard landscape with weedkiller.

Fruit and veg  growing:

  • Successional sowing of salad crops like rocket, lettuce and radish directly into the soil every couple of weeks so you have a constant supply.
  • Things are a little slow with the cool weather we’ve had but you may have courgette or squash plants that are ready to plant out over the next couple of weeks.
  • Pot on tomato plants into their final container or grow bag.

Plants that stand out this month:

  • Lilac-large blooms of purple, pink or white and a gorgeous scent

    Alchemilla mollis

  • Valerian-long lasting pink or white flowers, easy to grow
  • Aquilegia-unusually shaped flowers of pink, purple, red and white
  • Iris-grey green spiked leaves and spires with purple flowers
  • Alchemilla Mollis-low growing with frilly lime green leaves that hold pearls of rain water and small lemon flowers
  • Tulips